Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow
Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow
Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow
Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow
Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow
Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow

Mother's Comfort Heartbeat Pillow

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NEW PRODUCT!! These were designed for the new puppy you are bringing home. They are warm; cuddly and act as a security blanket for your new friend and help alleviate separation anxiety; loneliness; and stress.The maternal combination of heartbeat; body warmth; and feel within a 12" pillow comforts and relaxes puppies; which helps stop puppy whining during the first nights away from mom and siblings. The must have product for every puppy parent! Perfect for housebreaking and travel. Reduces stress and increases rejuvenating sleep periods for an overall happier; healthier puppy. Veterinary recommended!

Two AAA batteries are included in the heartbeat simulator and last a long time due to the auto-off feature. The warmth simulator is a sealed; ready to use; microwavable; and reusable heat source. There is no need to continually purchase disposable heat packs as some competitor products suggest with their products. Everything you need is included (except a microwave oven to heat up the warmth simulator); and a training guide is also included.


  • Mother's Heartbeat Simulator
    • External ON Operation with Auto Shut Off
    • The convenient; easy to operate Auto-Off means you don't disturb a sleeping puppy to conserve batteries.
    • Heartbeat cycle can be started without even removing the heartbeat device from the pillow.
    • The sound of the Heartbeat Simulator is stress relieving; comforting and sleep inducing for the puppy.
  • Machine Wash and Dry
    • No hand washing needed
    • The durably constructed fleece top pillow is machine wash and dry safe.
    • Easy to keep sanitary; clean; dry; pest and odor free.
  • Batteries Included and Installed
    • Convenient; value added and easy to activate. Batteries remain dormant until activation strip is pulled away.
    • Uses two size AAA batteries which are inexpensive and widely available.
  • Long Battery Life
    • Economical - provides over one hundred 12 minute comforting; sleep inducing sessions.
  • Unique Microwavable Mother's Warmth Simulator
    • Sealed and ready to use. No disposable heat packs or additional supplies to buy.
    • Simply microwave for 30 to 60 seconds; insert into pillow opening; and press Velcro together to seal opening.
    • Simulates body warmth; reusable; economical; odorless; stress relieving; comforting and sleep inducing.
    • Easy In/Easy Out Design takes only seconds to remove or return Mother's Warmth Simulator from/to pillow.
  • Pillow Design with Fleece Top
    • Measures 12" in diameter.
    • Simulates the softness of a mother's skin and coat.
    • The pillow top is designed to be stress relieving; comforting; and sleep inducing.
    • Pillow design is not as easily confused for a toy as a dog design.
    • It also increases heat retention from the Mother's Heart Warmth Simulator.
  • Strong Seal "� Velcro™
    • Prevents the puppy from gaining access to Heartbeat Simulator and Warmer unit; while still providing easy access for pet parent.
  • No Scent- Neutral & Odorless
    • No chewing attractant and no unpleasant odors for the puppy or pet parent.
  • Housebreaking Training Guide Included
    • This training guide walks pet parents through the housebreaking process and proper use of the Heartbeat Pillow.
  • Veterinary Recommended

Comparison of key features to a SnugglePuppie™ (trademark of Snuggle Pet Products LLC):


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