FBA Prep Service, FBM shipping, Warehousing, Return Management

Selling online? No space to store and ship your product?   Warehouse space to expensive in your area?  Thinking about FBA?  Need Returns Management?

Focus on growing your business while J.J. handles everything else.  

Don't pay the expensive Amazon FBA prep, storage, or shipping fees.  

We are FBA prep Specialist. 

J.J. will personally send you pictures to keep you updated on the FBA prep process of your products.    

Need a US based Pack & Ship Service?  J.J. can ensure your package is shipped out same day to meet your "prime" orders.  

J.J. can handle your product returns also.  We can repackage for resale or liquidate/destroy your damaged returns with evidence of destruction.

J.J. can warehouse, pack, ship, or FBA prep your inventory for less than anyone.  You will work directly with the owner/decision maker, not some random customer service or sales representative.  We can adapt quickly to meet your needs and start as soon as next day.  J.J. has access to almost unlimited warehouse space or container storage.  Located just outside of Charlotte, NC we are in close proximity to major shipping hubs and ports of entry. 

Contact J.J. for additional details or to set up service.